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Peantbutter For Sale Our Cabin Clam Skiff, Peanut Butter
We owned Peanut Butter from 2004 to 2012
Cream Cheese Slideshow
Cream Cheese Slideshow
2000 - 2011
Trailering Cream Cheese
Trailering Cream Cheese - 2008
Clam Skiff "Peanut Butter"
Transom repairs to Peanut Butter - 2009
Cream Cheese in the Poconos - 2005
Cream Cheese in the Poconos - 2005
Clam Skiff "Peanut Butter"
A Bolger Clam Skiff "Peanut Butter" - 2005
One Sheet Skiff

Our school project - A One Sheet Skiff (Designed by Herb McLeod)

Mouse Boats Spring 2004

Our AS-29, Alisa
We owned Alisa from 2001 to 2004

Dec. 2002. What can you do with 8 kids, a few adults, plywood, glue and a weekend?

Bulding Log of
May 2001. Our AF3 16 foot sharpie designed by Jim Michalak.

Small Boat Reefing
Sept, 2000

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